When I’m trying to look nice for a picture:

Every other time:

Dayglowwwww! It was so freakin’ awesome… aughhhh.

Other peeps who went to Dayglow with me/were in these pictures: Jess, Jamie, Anna, Casey, Amanda, Kasan, and Dylan

WANTED: Friend With Cuddle Benefits (Or FWCB)

Must be willing to

  • Cuddle (A given, really.)
  • Take naps while cuddling. 
  • Watch movies and eat snacks without leaving the confines of said cuddle device (bed, couch, futon, etc.)
  • Is willing to stay up late telling our life stories.
  • Have a general love of cuddle-happy-times-forever-yay.

Also, being willing to give me piggy-back rides or just picking me up in general is a big plus. So is putting up with me sobbing about my crap-stick college life.

I need a life. 

I swear, the guy to girl ratio at my college is 1-to-20.
Art college for the win.

Art college for the win.

I miss my college buddies.

This is how college makes me feel.

This is how college makes me feel.